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2017 Digital Marketing Trends and Statistics – Internet, Mobile, and Social Media Usage

by James Ball

This year, as in years past, We Are Social collaborated with Hootsuite to deliver their annual report on digital trends by highlighting the internet itself, mobile usage/global adoption, and the use of social media. While some of the statistics are quite predictable, some of the numbers are alarming. For example, consider the implications, especially if you are into digital marketing, that mobile now counts for half of the entire world’s web traffic. Half!

I am posting the entire report here to provide you with the data that you will surely need to gain an “early bird” advantage as a marketer. Trends and data matter, as you know. Staying on top of things is paramount to staying ahead of the curve and obtaining relevant and forward-thinking results for your marketing efforts…be it for yourself as a business owner or for your clients as a consultant or service provider.

Enjoy the report and feel free to share it around!


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