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because “We HAVE To Do It”

by James Ball on November 17, 2009

Today feels like a great day for video. This was first posted last Thursday on Socialnomics, (a great) Social Media Blog. I’m gearing up for a social media talk tomorrow with the owners of a Florida resort, and I like to prepare by finding some relevant videos that I might like to share. This one was a treat to find, and until recently, opening with “Did You Know 3.0” or “Social Media Revolution” was the norm for me. These are both great videos, and have a real impact on those  just now getting involved with social media.

This new clip has a calmer “feel”, which is something I’m picking up on all over. The social media hype today aint’ what it once was. This is good; after all, hype is just hype, right? I like to see people being a little more calm and serious as they contemplate all of this. Except for one thing, we HAVE to do this! Am I the only guy in the world that finds this a bit unsettling? Perhaps it’d be best if you just watch this one now. I’ll go take ten deep breaths.

What do you think, am I “yellow”? A nice shade of Chicken Little yellow maybe? Is your sky not falling? Please don’t mistake this for panic, far from it. My vision is 20/20, and I love change as much as the next fellow. There’s just something about all this that keeps me on edge. The real-time web is just around the corner, real-time search is a reality, traditional advertising and marketing are on life support, and there’s no way were getting this genie back in the bottle. It’s my stand that this isn’t all just a part of doing business in the future for some of us. It’s now, and it effects us all.

Fear is not what I’m shouting down from the watchtower. I am looking *forward though, and I truly feel like businesses need to get involved sooner rather than later. I have no intentions to quell the urgent tone that comes accross in my writting. When I see things calming around me, when Twitter isn’t streaming quite as fast…when I see complacency where there was a fire just yesterday, I tend to wonder why. I’d be doing you a great disservice if I were to put away my soapbox and fade away. Enjoy your day today. I hope you’re able to learn a little and put it into play! Leave me a comment, I’m interested in your thoughts.

*In order to align here, you might find that keeping an eye on these folks is helpful. I also keep my focus on everything Jerimiah Owyang points toward.

JS November 17, 2009 at 9:19 pm

Very good article/blog. You have a good head on your sholuder and I wish you god speed. But always remeber that some people are narrow minded and they are trying to wear a shoe that is two sizes too small but swear it fits, even though you tell them other wise.

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