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Directions To “Connecting With Your Audience” Avenue, Your Mileage May Vary

by James Ball

Okay, I’ve learned everyone’s name in the new office, attended my first big meeting, and I think I’ve got my desk arrangement worked out. I’m wearing my new gig a little more comfortably now, and it’s time to write a little!

 Now faced with a new role, I’m in a square one position with literally everything before me. What are my goals, how will I accurately carry forth our mission and bring forth the desired results for our company? I imagine that many businesses are at this very moment faced with the same questions and challenges. Statistically speaking, the businesses that will look to leverage social media and establish a presence on the social web tomorrow will outnumber those from today.

 Social media “strategy” to me is often synonymous with “mission” (read: destination) a mission to be accomplished, as well as a value proposition statement for business.  “Connecting with your audience” sounds like a common & familiar pursuit in all of this, doesn’t it? I suggest that in reality, this is neither common nor familiar.

We all have a pin on the “map” that designates the end of the journey, the place we ultimately want to reach. From a social media marketing perspective though, it may be that we never truly reach a destination. We can always connect with our audience on a deeper level, or in some dynamic new way. So when have we arrived?

When are we connected enough?

When it’s no longer about connecting with anyone or being a connector of things and people… when we become valued members of the community…this is when I feel like I’ve truly accomplished something worth writing home about! Would you agree?

I know you’ve heard it before, I repeat it because it’s still true…it’s not the size of the community that matters. Numbers mean little when one really feels accepted. Being “on the inside” in a crowd of 4 can oftentimes feel a lot warmer and yield greater results than getting past the door into a packed arena. Uniqueness and value seem to travel best in smaller circles.

As I’m learning my way around and meeting new people in a place that I’m not so familiar with, I find that I have a real yearning to belong…to be a connected and valuable member of this new community. I am challenged with this task, and I couldn’t feel more privileged. For the first time in a long time, I am on the outside looking in. I am officially out of my comfort zone; I’d almost forgotten how exciting it is!

I just wanted to express today how wonderfully human I’ve felt these last few days. Aside from thinking about the strategies and tactics I will employ, the metrics and benchmarks I will closely tend to…outside of my head, there exists a more primal core in me that craves to connect. As I pack my tool belt full of skills and experience, I know that it is this core that will lead my way.

Take a nod from me today and set out to genuinely be, do, & live in your community. If you see a little bald guy wandering around and looking lost, let him in and make him feel welcome. We all NEED this stuff!

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