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I Want You

by James Ball on December 4, 2009

I Want You

You’re already here, and at this point I’m going to assume that either A) you are a friend. Or B) you are a person who is interested in using social media channels to grow your business. Either way, you are important to me, and you are vital to this blog. Who better to ask a question that relates to this place?

I’d very much like to take a look at this blog through your eyes, and I need your comments for this. If this place looks busted, tell me so for goodness’ sake! I love hearing “great job, looking good!” as much as the next guy; it just doesn’t go far in helping me to improve. If you do like it here, please tell me why.

If you are a person seeking advice and input about leveraging social media for your business, let me know what you need to hear about…I’ll do my best to address your request. Typically, I go out and talk to people in business about social media. These are two-way conversations that help me to better understand what people are experiencing. Some of the questions and concerns I meet with are written about here. I’d like for the blog to function in much the same way.

So that’s it. The invitation is open. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to respond to my request, your input is appreciated.

heathersebi December 4, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Good Job, Looks Great! 😉

James Ball December 4, 2009 at 3:55 pm

I should've expected this, but didn't.

Thanks for the giggle Heather.

Randy Barnes December 5, 2009 at 5:05 am

I am "C" which is =A+B :-)I am "C" which is =A+B 🙂

I will 1st say that I am not liking the 3 col blog theme for this type of blog where substantial or compete content/post is posted on the Home. I like the art, Uncle Sam. I like the direct call to action. Good post. I am acting.

I would recommend using the "more" feature in the post editor as that will put the full post on the single post page and stop a possible dup-content knock for having exact same content on 2 urls. [not that i really know what Im talking about.] I think a "more" break after ..'please tell me why" would make a good looking post and still improve the spider juice.

Id say the tag cloud is too high, the subscribe buttons are too big, and the list of commenters is of little value. Basically the page is just a little too busy for a simple mind like mine. Confused minds dont act.

Your title [your H1 tag] "I Want You" is to the point but has no SEO value, "I Want You.. to Help Me Put the Social in Social Media of North Georgia" or anything with a search term.
Perhaps a h2 sub head tag in the post itself for more seo bang.

You url is… – this is permalink structure and shows your h1 tag title again, and here it has the date, which is no value. Id change the permalink structure to just domain/title, and Id edit the title in some posts case-by-case to shorten and focus on the keywords

Your contact and meetme pgs are good but I think they could be combined, but focus on the testimonials. That goooood stuff so keep building them. Get some in VIDEO when possible. Hummmm maybe I'll get to help you put something together on some sort of trade. Thes pages should be modified to use a singe column page template as the sidebars are of little use back there.

Follow Me Twitter link should be IN MY FACE on the home page.

Now Im thinking Id put your testimonials in the sidebars and clean out the rest.

Also – get Torri to follow you around for the next 6 months with her fancy-pants camera and take pictures to add more sweet art! nice photo.

Graphics – make sure to optimize with keyword file names and alt tags

GIVE ME SOMETHING – Add a nice graphic link or opt-in for a free report or video or something. Use the pro video youve got in the bag already.

Tell some stories – this is the ultimate thing that trumps all this other stuff. Tell more about the ways that real people are having real success or just plain fun. Tell about how it is living in the N Ga hills among tweetin' hillbillys.

Keep asking for peoples feedback and comments. Most of the folks coming through here dont leave their foot prints.

HEY YOU PEOPLE, commenting here will lead people like me to visit YOU. Traffic comes from place like this, especially if you have a follow-link policy with the link love. either way commenting on others posts is a good idea.

All this is about design and technical stuff more than content etc.. but that's where my head is. All-in-all I'd say you've done a grand job thus far and I can appreciate how much effort it takes to get a blog structure and filled with pleasing layout navigation fee and meat.

Ill visit again and read more of the post, whic Ive yet to do

Post more when you can and be careful with what you ask for!!

Happy Trails, rb

James Ball December 5, 2009 at 3:09 pm

Hello friend! Thank you for taking the time to look into my site. I appreciate your effort and input. You really have helped me to see and understand some things that I wasn't considering. MUCH appreciated Randy! "tweetin' hillbillys" – Love it, and I'm stealing it.

Randy Barnes December 5, 2009 at 1:24 pm

I meant to also recommend a favicon – see if you can get the string-finger into a 16px image. just something custom as a cherry on top.

Diana Adams December 5, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Hi James,

Wow, what can I possibly add of value after those super comments from Randy? Hahaha!! I'll just say this, I think this blog looks great, and I mean that. My favorite part is the font. I know that sounds random, but I'm a font junkie, and I love the look this has because of the font!!

Thanks for inviting me to visit, I'm so glad I did!


James Ball December 5, 2009 at 3:01 pm

Thank you Diana. I really do appreciate you stopping in…AND loving on my fonts!

Kathy Drewien December 7, 2009 at 4:47 am

I agree with Randy about the 3-columns, to a degree. Split sidebars distracts me. I like the Browse Category item because it adds value. The Twitter feed, top commenters, and even the social media feed widget don't add value.

Blogroll is a feature that doesn't make sense to me (and not just because I'm not there ;-). One, the name means nothing to the casual reader. Two, you are inviting the reader to leave your site. I suggest naming the list something meaningful, Social Media Thought Leaders, and shortening the list. Or write a post featuring 3-5 of the blogs. Share why you read them and why you recommend them.

In my opinion, sidebars support navigation and offer calls to action. I would move Category to the right menu, lose the left sidebar, and clean up the long list of blog links.

What does the tag cloud do for your reader?
You know I love orange, but those subscription icons are too big even for me.

James Ball December 7, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Kathy, thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. Between you and Mr. Barnes, I've gained a better look at what I'm presenting here. This is very valuable to me, and I appreciate your candid comments. (Too much orange for you Kathy?…C'mon!)

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