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Kevin Ekmark of TrustWorkz…Driving Me To Drink.

by James Ball

Kevin Ekmark, CEO of TrustWorkzI do NOT like single malt scotch…and you know this Kevin. I will raise a toast of the vile stuff to congratulate you on becoming CEO at TrustWorkz® though!

I am very proud of you old friend, and there is simply not a better man alive for the job. I have wondered since my resignation what would become of my beloved TrustWorkz® and who would take the helm. You have certainly earned it and I have every confidence that you will take the company to exciting new heights. It has been a superb pleasure to work alongside you for the past 3+ years and I can only hope that whatever mentorship I may have provided will continue to help guide you in your career. I look very forward to following your path from here into the future.


A while back I wrote a recommendation on LinkedIn that I want to share here today for any new visitors who may not know what I think about Kevin Ekmark:

“I can say without reservation that Kevin Ekmark has been my best hire ever. I am truly honored to be able to call him my partner in TrustWorkz®, Inc. and I am privileged to call Kevin my friend. A better right-hand man a guy simply couldn’t ask for.

Kevin brings a unique and unequaled passion to our company; we would in no way be enjoying our current level of success without the contributions and expert guidance that he gives. I could truly go on-and-on about the skills and mastery that Kevin brings to the table for us…but I would rather use this space and time to speak about his character.

I have in all likelihood pushed Kevin to the limits of his patience, and I know that I have over-burdened him. His response has been to rise to any occasion and to exhibit a poise and grace that I’ve rarely seen in a man of as many years. I have come to rely on Kevin’s character and honesty as the best representation of our company’s culture and mission; a culture and mission that simply could not exist without him.”


So that’s pretty much all for today, I just wanted to say congratulations to Kevin here on my own site. If you are just now hearing about him and you want to follow along with what he’s up to, here are a few links you’ll want to have:

Kevin’s personal Blog:

Kevin on LinkedIn:

Kevin on Google Plus: +KevinEkmark

Kevin on Twitter: @KevinEkmark

Congratulate him yourself on Twitter and/or Facebook with an easy click below!

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