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Pointing The Finger on April 8th 2014: Bridget Randolph

by James Ball

Bridget Randolph

This whole “Pointing the Finger” idea is not entirely new here on my blog. I have highlighted many people over the years for one reason or another…usually because they were very noteworthy individuals and I wanted to draw your attention to them. Today though, I thought I’d actually name posts like these and give them a category.

I’ve been working on a post for several days about mobile responsive websites and what the future might hold. In my research I came across a post on by Bridget Randolph entitled, “So You Have a Mobile-Friendly Website. What Now?” Well, this post was so absolutely incredible and informative that it pretty much took the wind from my sails. I simply couldn’t imagine writing a post of equal caliber, and I didn’t want to merely reference Bridget’s work and passion on the topic.

I’ve been an advocate and builder of mobile responsive websites exclusively for a few years now. It was great when both Google and Bing agreed and made public their preference for mobile responsive websites. Lately though, I spend a lot of time wondering what’s next…what does all of this look like 6 months to a year down the road? I really want to be able to offer insight and advice that will keep readers here ahead of the curve and their competition. That’s where Bridget Randolph comes in. I’m “Pointing the Finger” at her and I’m telling you now; if mobile responsive websites, mobile strategy, and what the future holds where mobile is concerned interests you, she’s the one to watch.

I originally (in the post I wanted to write) wanted to include a 38 minute video of Bridget addressing the crowd at the SearchLove conference in London back in October, 2013. I came to find out that her agency wouldn’t permit that I post it here. I HIGHLY encourage you to download Bridget’s video today and that you pay careful attention to all that she has to say. Below you can find her slide deck (227 slides!) from the event.

If you want to connect with and follow Bridget, here’s all of her info:


Bridget Randolph


Personal site: 


Bridget’s posts about Mobile:


“What all of this means is that we’re becoming more connected than ever. And mobile is now a channel which can empower you to reach people you can’t reach any other way, as the number of mobile users worldwide is set to overtake the number of desktop users in 2014.” – Bridget Randolph



So that’s it for today, be sure to have a look at Bridget and her work. Keep an eye on her if the mobile topic is important to you. You are awesome Bridget. Thanks for being you and for sharing what you know with the world, I really appreciate it!


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