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Telling People You Peed In Their Pool

by James Ball on October 30, 2009

PIP1It’s not the smartest thing to do, and the resulting effects are swift. I don’t have any friends with pools, so I launched my blog instead. I didn’t get exactly what I expected, but I came prepared, or so I thought.

I want to tell you what it’s like after only a few days. I’m telling you because I know that some of you are on the cusp of your own blog projects. I’m also telling you because this seems like the right place to put this observation. We’ve all got our own space that we work in online, and we each have our own digital friends, so results may vary, but I believe that what I’m writing may sound familiar to some. A few observations:

  • I’m making new friends, but not too many have introduced themselves just yet.
  • I haven’t heard as much from my old friends online.
  • My offline friends don’t want to hear about my blog so much.
  • “Real” friends, online and off, will support you.
  • Writing still takes only minutes. Proofreading though, can take hours.
  • This is harder, and more work than I anticipated.

The blog is launched, and I do feel great about it. It’s an odd feeling too right now, not one I can compare to anything else I’ve ever felt. It’s a big hill that I’ve set out to climb. It just looks like the first few steps are going to be a little lonely, that’s all.

If for you, starting a blog is a necessary thing, a vehicle that gets you to the next thing …you’re going to have to ignore the signs and go ahead and let it fly…and you have no choice but to tell people about it. If the echo of your own voice starts to get to you, call me, I’ll come make some noise with you!

Heather October 30, 2009 at 1:00 pm

I think you're doing quite well. No worries. :) RIGHT?

Charity Hisle October 30, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Yeah, no one wants to say "Will you please tell everyone you know about my blog so I can actually get some traffic?" so we wait and depend on bullet #4 to kick in so we can feel some comment love!

Christina October 30, 2009 at 5:14 pm

It DOES feel like talking to yourself sometimes, doesn't it? Maybe we need to organize a Blog Comment Day — where participating bloggers post articles about commenting etiquette, how it helps beginning bloggers, etc. etc.

What do you think? I bet a lot of lurking readers just figure they don't have anything contribute, never realizing that just saying, "Hey! I was here!" goes a long way. :-)

James Ball October 31, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Comment day, interesting. I agree, that a "Hi…" goes a long way sometimes. Thanks for participating here!

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