Are you looking for someone to handle all of this for you? I will build, optimize, and manage your business's entire web presence: Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and More!


I am known for my expertise and success with Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEM, Social Media, and Hyper-Local Marketing tactics and for my unique prowess with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Over the past decade I have achieved widespread respect and notoriety among my industry peers and clients as a highly skilled marketing practitioner. I am passionate about teaching others (quite candidly) the things that I have learned while pursuing my passion to help small businesses succeed.

Digital Marketing Consultant - Greater Atlanta, GA- James Ball

Core competencies include:

Digital and New Media Strategy • Inbound Marketing • Search Engine Optimization • Search Engine Marketing • Business Development / Sales • Social Media Marketing • Client Relations • Analytics and Reporting • Email Marketing • Public Speaking & Education • Project Management • Competitive Analysis

Below are some thoughts and comments from my clients and colleagues. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile to view more testimonials and referrals. You may also find it helpful to view my resume.


“I had the opportunity to work with James for a critical SEO project for my business website. James is very knowledgeable and communicated exceptionally well throughout the engagement The outcome of his efforts are already starting to show increased traffic and more client interest. I would highly recommend James to companies that require similar professional assistance.” – Larry Fish, President, GreenSearch

“James is an extraordinary teacher. When I was hired at TrustWorkz, I knew little to nothing about content marketing and social media marketing. His intuition about both is rare, and with his daily guidance, I feel like I have the tools to navigate through the myriad of what works and what doesn’t. His creativity, passion and energy are infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.” – Ashley Velez, Lead WebOp, TrustWorkz

“It’s a shame I could only choose three of the top attributes for James Ball. All the choices apply to the not only the work ethic but the results he gets for his clients. His integrity in business is above and beyond normal standards and the results of his work have improved my bottom line in my own business. Having worked with other digital marketing people, he is my go-to guy for anything involving getting my business more exposure in my hyper-local market. He is a unique individual that thinks outside the box and brings innovative ideas to any project he tackles.” – Sandra Levin, Owner, Orbit Skate Center

“James is a trailblazer and was using social media – the right way – before the majority of the world was even considering it. He has the ability to identify new trends in technology and quickly determine how they can be used by a business to grow and support their brand. James is always giving back to others individually and through supporting community groups. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and uses his background starting, selling and running new ventures to advise other business owners on the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities along their journey.” – Eric Holtzclaw, Chief Executive Officer, User Insight

“Words can not adequately describe how valuable James has been to me as a mentor, a leader, and an inspiration.  Personally, he has brought tremendous value to my growth as a professional and individual.  James brings a breath of fresh air to our company, where he is always a beacon of innovation and positive thinking.  His attitude towards getting things done, and having fun while doing it, is contagious.  James has not only successfully built a great program at TrustWorkz, but an amazing culture as well.  His thirst for knowledge, staying ahead of the game, and service to others before himself are just a few of his indispensable qualities that we can simply not do without.  I count myself very lucky to work beside such a well rounded individual.” – Kevin Ekmark, Director, TrustWorkz, Inc.

 “I have much respect for James and his knowledge. Polite & always ready to help. I consider him to be a social-media authority; well versed” – Nathan Collier – Internet Product Manager, Ellijay Telephone Company


“I met James when I started working for Westwinds Resort in 2009. He was introduced to me as the go-to-guy for web and social media marketing. And that he has truly been for me. James has been a source of valuable information as I have ventured into my web and marketing career since 2009. He has not only been a true asset in assisting with web standards and practices, he has graciously dedicated his time to further explain advanced ideas and strategic thinking. James always impresses me not only with his integrity, but his genuine enthusiasm and forward thinking. He is always honest and upfront and a pleasure to do business with. I have trusted James with many business confidences and I will continue to trust him without hesitation. He is indeed my go-to-guy and without pause, I would recommend James to anyone looking for an honest, accomplished and dedicated Web Professional.” – Kimberly McIntyre, Digital Marketing Specialist at Power Marketing & Printing
 “If you want to talk about two ingredients one would look for in the consummate professional you may say passion and competence. In my 5+ years of working in concert with James Ball on a variety of digitally related projects I have witnessed up close and personal these very attributes. I have never been associated with anyone with such dogged, client-centered determination as James. Spend any amount of time with him and you will know that he cannot perform in any other manner than to fully give of himself to his client in order to help them fully achieve their marketing goals online and offline. Best of all is that with James you get no fancy, high-brow, unintelligible marketing speak. You very simply get some of the best, innate and common sense direction in terms of small business marketing available. Now ready to increase your market share? Hire this man for sure!” – Ben Boykin – Owner, Emergent Graphics 
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with James for several months in developing a series of websites for AroundAbout Community Magazines. When it comes to social media strategy development, engagement, and creative community building, James is virtually unmatched in his ability to build a successful online brand. It’s been a pleasure working with James, and it has been exciting to see him persistently build a flourishing network of community-based social channels to extend the brand, and the reach, of AroundAbout Magazines.” – Chris Jordan – Owner, Landmark Business 
“Probably half of what I know of social media I learned from James. A super connector and mind-boggling multi-tasker, he makes things happen.” – Torri Westmoreland, Owner, InDepth Wraps
 “James provides a broad depth of knowledge in the arena of digital marketing. He introduced our company to the ever changing and expanding world of social media, and his expertise has allowed us to provide a truly unique online presence for our readers and advertisers. James provides ongoing education in the area of digital marketing and does so in a clear and concise manner. He has been successful in developing relationships and connections, tremendously benefitting our company. James’ knowledge and leadership has allowed Around About Community Magazines to become a leader in digital online presence.” – Kara Kiefer, Executive Editor, AroundAbout Community Magazines, Inc. 
“When I decided to examine the possibilities of implementing social media into my business, I interviewed several individuals. Each of them presented a different plan as to how my Plumbing and HVAC company could benefit. In the end it is very simple, James gave us the most inventive ideas and proposed the best pricing for the services provided. It has been a couple short months and we are already seeing fantastic results from the strategies he has helped us to put in motion. He is constantly working hard for us and also educating us at the same time. I truly can’t say enough. Thanks James” – Russell Estey – Marketing Director/Sales Manager  RooterPlus! 
“James Ball came to our rescue after several attempts to develop the perfect LOGO for one of our businesses. He has been a great resource and very knowledgeable in the social media advertising arena and has guided us in our SEM and Website re – development. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, dependable and a man of integrity.” – V. Bates – Owner – Westwinds Resort 
“James has an unbelievable grasp of online network/social marketing. He does amazing work on websites and with graphics and I am very happy with the end result of our page on!!” – Shanna Beavers – Mike Kelly Realty 
“James ran a spectacularly successful meeting (Tweetup) of Twitter members. Most had never met except through Twitter. Through James tireless efforts a high percentage of participants that RSVP’d actually showed. This is more amazing given the distance most came on a Sunday afternoon. From Montaluce Winery’s perspective we gained huge exposure for little cost. Thanks James!” – Brent Beecham – Owner Montaluce Winery and Estates 
“James has been a tremendous asset to our company. His vast knowledge of Social Media Marketing has helped our service company establish new marketing strategies. He trained multiple employees on the benefits and strategies involved in sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, You Tube, and Linked in. We will continue to use his services.” – Charlie Plumley – GM at RooterPlus! 

“I have worked with James Ball for about two years on various projects. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is dependable and provides outstanding service and the end result is always much better than I even imagined.” – Alan May – Owner On Eagles Wings

“James is a truly delightful fellow and not only notsoeasytotforget but probably notwhatyoudexpect. James’ deep knowledge in social marketing is tremendously valuable to businesses looking to gain awareness [customers] on a local level as well as web-wide. He is proficient in social interactions and video and SEO and on and on … For all the geeky knowledge in his pointy little head, it comes wrapped in a very un-geeky package. Working with James Ball will be easy and as comfortable as an old pair of shoes. I dont know if he works with folks outside of North Georgia but I can promise there’s no downside risk to start a conversation.” – Randy Barnes – Owner Pro1PR
“When it comes to social networking for business and search engine optimization, I know no one with more knowledge, insight and willingness to help than James. He also does amazing work as a graphic designer. Fast, thorough, flexible and patient, James is great to work with.” – Tim Harrison – Owner Cartecay Truck Tops
“James is a very on-target advisor when it comes to marketing my business, especially when utilizng online techniques.” – David Gerard – Concept Developer Deli Junction