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This Is How Your Website Is Hurting Your Business – Infographic

by James Ball

Here’s a really nice infographic from the folks over at Medical Web Experts. If re-designing your website is something that you’ve recently completed or are considering, then you know how complicated and daunting this task can be. I like this infographic because it succinctly delivers statistics about 5 key elements that can either win or lose you business when people visit your website. Several enlightening points from the infographic that made me question a thing or two:

  • 75% of people will not return to a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • Changing the color of a call to action button can increase conversions by more than 35%
  • Moving a testimonial higher up on the page can improve conversion rates by more than 30%

Enjoy and share the infographic today. I hope that it helps you to improve your own website!

*Click on the image below to view it full size.

Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?

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