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This Isn’t Going To Be Quick, Is It?

by James Ball on November 6, 2009

Tiny TurtleAre you a “small” business? Who exactly is responsible, or is going to be responsible for your presence across the web, and more specifically, your social media participation. Are you, or is this person aware of the time that can be involved in maintaining an effective social media campaign?

By campaign, I mean forever. A campaign has a beginning and an end. If your first reach into social media is indeed some type of a release or a launch, this will have an end date. The tools, identities, profiles, and footprint remain. The presence and interaction is ultimately what it’s all about. It is the medium by which you listen, engage, and communicate with people in this new marketing era. It must be managed and maintained.

To be ineffective or inactive on any front will get you an “F” from those that find you in such a state. There seems to be a natural tendency to spend 4 1/2 days creating accounts in every single nook and cranny one can find on the social web. Don’t do this. Ask yourself if you are willing to dedicate focused and intentional time to each individual account. Can you see checking in almost every day over the next 6 seasons or so? This is a call to preparedness.

If your company (…and you’re “that guy/gal” handling SM) is already involved in social media, then you are already very aware of how time consuming the maintenance of a campaign (read: social presence) can be. Are you budgeting your time? Are you using some method to chart and adjust the time you spend engaged on the social web? How do you decide, or convince your boss to allocate the time for social media?

If you are someone who’s just now doing your homework and looking to get involved, be prepared to re-budget your time to make allowances. This is certainly not complicated math, and there are no “norms” or standards, although excellent articles have been written, and suggestions made. Every small business has to decide for itself how much time and manpower to dedicate. This is not set in stone either. There will be instances where more or less time is required.

If you are new to social media, perhaps your first campaign could be a fact finding mission. I can’t stress enough how important homework and listening are, so this I highly recommend. Find other companies that share a similar business size and scope. Search within social sites; try Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for starters. Find those that are having a high level of success in social media, and are already communicating this. Reach out and communicate with them. Ask, and engage with them. How much time has been given for the results that they’ve enjoyed? You’ll likely find your answers, and here’s a bonus…you’ve begun your journey into social media already. You can take “starting” off the list!

I can’t offer a blanket solution as to the best places to begin. I also can’t tell you how much time each day you’ll need to set aside to meet your goals where social media plays a part. Allow yourself a few weeks, more if you’re able, to find a rhythm. The three places I find myself suggesting the most are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I feel like these three are an easy-in for most small businesses. Being active in these three also produce some measurable results fairly quickly. Facebook can update Twitter, and vice versa, which saves time. LinkedIn is, in my opinion, a necessary place for every business owner to have a presence.

Whether you’re new to social media or not, I think it vitally important that the time you invest into your presence is monitored and intentional. Budgeting my time, and journaling my efforts have proven to be very useful tools. These provide a way to look back, and then more effectively adjust my efforts and time spent to gain maximum results. How do you manage and/or monitor your social media time?

WarpSpeedErrands November 6, 2009 at 4:53 pm

I like to use with Social Oomph to handle all my messages for the day, save for a few that I implement live. I like because it’ll send to ALL my networks and I just type the message once! Social Oomph (formally tweetlater) will send the message out at the time I schedule. Effectively I can sit at night for 2 hours, type a few messages, schedule them to go out the next day, and I can run my business between business hours while my messages are going out.
Jennifer – the Errand Goddess

James Ball November 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Thank you Jennifer. There is no shortage of applications and services that strive to make all of this more efficient, are there? I do appreciate you sharing the things you do to help simplify. Thanks for stopping in!

Chris Jordan November 6, 2009 at 10:43 pm

I think the biggest part of any online campaign is the fact that it is traceable and measurable. I still have my first website up as a way for me to look and say, 'wow, I've come a looong way'. The same can be said with social networking. I do think that people get too caught up in the numbers. Not just friends/followers… but also in analytics and comment count. I finally got a site to the front of Google and spent so much time 'looking' at analytics that I lost focus… guess what? The site fell. Now, I'll have it back up there soon I'm sure. Anyway, back to the social stuff… you're right. You don't need an account on every single network. You need relationships where your presence is already felt!

James Ball November 6, 2009 at 11:33 pm

Thanks for commenting Chris. I still get sidetracked into the world of numbers from time to time. Numbers do provide a valid measure for certain aspects of what I do. Truly though, it’s the relationships that matter, it’s still very hard to convince someone new to social media of this. I think that after a short time, most do come to this realization. The relationships and the possibilities tickle me often. I honestly don’t know how many twitter followers any account gained today for example. What I will remember about today, is that Zane Aveton (@zaneology on Twitter) called me today from out of state,… to talk to me about how a company that she represents might be able to help my company here in Georgia! This never would have happened without social media.

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